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The Friends of Glebe Wetlands Inc. is a local conservation group made up of people who care for the important habitat for native wildlife including the Grey-headed Flying Fox.  The Glebe Wetlands include the Glebe Park Lagoon and other wetland areas upstream and downstream to the Bega River Anabranch.  Everyone involved in the group volunteers their time, energy and skills towards improving wildlife habitat and conservation through group activities.

Image by Elijah Mears






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Hugh Pitty

President and Public Officer

Community Coordinator, 
Flying-Fox Counting Coordinator,
Working Bee Coordinator,
On Call Rescue Team Coordinator

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Lea Pinker


Social Media Coordinator / Facebook Page Moderator

Image by Joe Parkin

Penny Mitchell

Administrator and
Nest Box Monitor

Image by Samuel Giacomelli

Patrick Barrie


 Information Stall Coordinator,
Plumbing consultant for On-Call Rescue Team

Image by Ninaada Bellippady

Marilyn Hillery

Ordinary Member


Image by Richard Lee

Myron van der Waerden

Ordinary Member

Thoughtful Counsel, Information Stall Volunteer

Image by Rick Whittle

Peter Hillery

Zoom Meeting Facilitator and Risk Assessor

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Janet Pitty

Ordinary Member

Brains Trust

Image by Joshua J. Cotten

Debra Moffatt

Craft Coordinator and
Fabric Artist

Image by Michael

Michael Cortis

Tree Protection Officer

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Matt Bashford

Electrical Consultant for the
On-Call Rescue Team,
Solar Power enthusiast

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Isabel Bellicanta

Website Designer / Builder

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