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Camp Management Plan

The draft of the
Glebe Lagoon Flying-Fox Management Plan 
is now open for comment

The link to the page on the Council website where you can have your say is at:

Image by René Riegal

Submissions close on Sunday 3rd December 2023 at 11:59pm

Thank you for taking the time to make an email submission providing your valuable comments and suggestions for ways to improve the Camp Management Plan.

It is important that the ideas, comments and suggestions from the many volunteers and supporters from the Friends of Glebe Wetlands, as well as interested members of the general public, all make their valued contributions to the planning process at this critical stage.

We encourage you to take the time to read through the draft plan and make your views known via a submission to Council. The Friends of Glebe Wetlands look forward to a positive synthesis of community views into the plan so that it delivers the best possible outcomes for the conservation of flying-foxes and the interests of local residents.

As well as making positive comments, we suggest that there is one specific problem with the draft plan which needs fixing. Some details regarding this problem are included below.

Please note that the three maps: Location Map - Figure 2 on Page 8; Zoning Map - Figure 5 on Page 24; and Sensitive Receptors Map - Figure 6 on Page 25, all have major errors in that they show the location and maximum known camp extent from January 2021 as significantly smaller than it actually was at that time. As many as 50 roost trees for flying-foxes which were actually part of the camp are shown on these maps incorrectly as outside the camp at its maximum recorded extent in January 2021.

The Friends of Glebe Wetlands strongly advise that these serious errors need correction before the Camp Management Plan is adopted by Council. This will ensure that the plan is operating on the basis of scientific fact as recorded through the Friends of Glebe Wetlands ongoing monitoring program, which has been collecting data from monthly flying-fox counts since 2012.

Please see the below link to the report from the flying-fox count held on Friday 18th December 2020 as part of the Friends of Glebe Wetlands ongoing monitoring program. The map included on Page 7 of this report shows the actual extent of the flying-fox camp in December 2020  including many of the roost trees not included in the Location Map - Figure 2 of the draft plan.
In January 2021 the camp grew even further to include several trees on the Western side of East Street and 12 more trees on the Southern side of the Glebe Park near Rose Street.

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