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Friends of Glebe Wetlands


The Friends of Glebe Wetlands Inc. is a local conservation group in Bega NSW Australia, made up of people who care for the important habitat at the Glebe Wetlands that is home to native wildlife including the Grey-headed Flying Fox.


The Friends of Glebe Wetlands aims to protect the Grey-headed Flying-fox and its habitat at the Glebe Wetlands in Bega. As an identified high-priority breeding site for this valuable threatened species, the long-established roosting camp is of great importance to the conservation of this 'keystone' species of native mammal. The Friends of Glebe Wetlands also aim to protect the wetland environment as habitat for the many other native species that live here in and around this freshwater wetland.



The Friends of Glebe Wetlands have regular monthly activities including: flying-fox counts on the third Friday of the month (whenever flying-foxes are present); working bees and planting days usually on the first Saturday of the month to enhance the habitat at the Glebe Wetlands; information and merchandise stalls at the Bega Farmer's Market on Friday mornings. Our other activities include frog surveys, as well as organising a BioBlitz for this coming November (18/19/22), and our ongoing campaign to restore the buffer.

Image by Vlad Kutepov

Current Campaign


Sadly the roosting habitat and high-priority breeding site of the Grey-headed Flying-fox at the Glebe Wetlands is now threatened by a new residential subdivision on the land directly adjacent to the core of the flying-fox camp. Since early 2021, volunteers from the Friends of Glebe Wetlands have been campaigning to have the buffer between the long-established flying-fox camp and the new residential subdivision restored to a minimum of 50 metres. This campaign has involved taking the developer and the Council to the Land and Environment Court in an action (commenced in August 2021) that was successful in having the approval for a modification to the development consent quashed by the Court (in March 2022). The campaign now continues with ongoing lobbying of the Council and relevant Ministers within the NSW Government whose intervention we seek to ensure the restoration of the buffer that will protect the Grey-headed Flying-fox and its habitat at the Glebe Wetlands. Your support of this campaign would be highly valued.

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